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VIDEO ARTICLE: All eyes on downtown Phoenix as Trump announces immigration plan

Read the full Story on Downtown Devil  – Originally published Sept 1. 2016 by Craig Johnson ON THE INSIDE– Armed with an iPhone and a basic microphone, I entered Tuesday’s rally. Outside of the main room, hundreds of people stood waiting to buy official campaign gear while others hurried to get

ALBUM: 15 hour layover in Malaysia

Equipped with a backpack, a camera and a skateboard, I embarked from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport with 15 hours until my next flight. This extensive layover was the result of buying a budget airline ticket from China to Australia.

SHORT FILM: “The Package”

The story of two dissimilar friends and their encounter with the illegal side of the internet. This independent short film was filmed and edited in less then 10 days!

VIDEO ARTICLE: Phoenix Skatercon International highlights vibrant skateboard and punk culture

Video by Craig Johnson

VIDEO ARTICLE: Heard Museum hosts the 26th World Championship Hoop Dance Contest

Video by Craig Johnson


A short film directed by Craig Johnson Written by Craig Johnson and Desiderio Carrasco Staring Desiderio Carrasco, Natalie Robbins and Libby Bacal

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