ALBUM: Getting Lost in Southern Utah

My spring break consisted of 6 days and nights of camping in southwest Utah with my friend Nick. We were greeted with great views and bipolar weather that got progressively better throughout the week.

Beers and Bullets When we woke up after the first night, it was still raining. Undeterred, we explored near Cedar City, Utah. This particular overlook was apparently a popular spot for shooting guns and drinking beers.IMG_2783 When we finally got a break from the flurrying snow, the view was unbelievable.
IMG_2910 Next, we drove further up the road and were greeted by heavy snow. This is not what most people expect when they hear Utah.Snow-Gif

Bipolar Weather The snow didn’t last long however. 20 minutes back down the road, we climbed a desert hill near Cedar City and enjoyed some sunshine.
Morning Mountain Due to constant clouds and rain, we had trouble deciphering our surroundings for the first day. On our second morning, we woke up in a frozen tent. Freezing our asses off while packing up was made slightly easier by this amazing view of a mountain that we didn’t even know was there before that.
The "Tourist Trail" After setting up camp in Zion, we headed up the Angles Landing Trail. Judging by the size of the crowd, we weren’t expecting to find such a dangerous and strenuous trail up to the top.
IMG_3123 The view from Angles Landing is spectacular no matter which way you look.
Open Window The next day, we took off for Bryce Canyon on an impulsive day trip.
Martian Landscape Walking into the canyon felt otherworldly. This is how I envision the surface of Mars to look.
Better than Bad Weather Winter is definitely the best time of year to visit Bryce Canyon.
Big Cat Tracks After hiking straight through the canyon, we hiked back to along the snow covered rim to our car. On the way, we kept coming across some big cat tracks. Luckily, we ran into less dangerous creatures.
Better than Expected Our last three days were spent backpacking in the Zion back country. The Southwest Desert area of Zion doesn’t seem all that interesting at fist glace, but there hidden gems everywhere.
Zion Desert The Zion Desert offered a breathtaking view of the backside of Zion Canyon. There was even a running creek that we purified water out of.
Rock Chess When it gets dark and campfire are prohibited, you get creative. Playing rock chess got us through our first night in the Zion back country.
Three's a Crowd On our final night of camping, we made a new friend. This persistent mouse had it’s eyes on our food and had no fear. To be fair though, I’ve seen middle schoolers eat more uncooked Top Ramen then this mouse did.

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